5 Tips For Photographing Children

5 Tips For Photographing Children

With Christmas just around the corner, it is a magical time for your children – and you want to be able to capture those moments of your children over the Christmas period.

Here are 5 top tips for photographing children. (more…)

How To Photograph A Firework Display

How To Photograph A Firework Display

With Fireworks night just three nights away – many of you will be taking to firework displays all over the country with your cameras and camera phones in an attempt to get a few snaps of the fireworks to share with your friends.

So, how do people get get such great firework pictures at the right time, brightness and exposure?

If you can, use a tripod

If you are using your camera phone, you can of course purchase a special phone tripod, although you might get a few dodgy looks – however, if you are using a proper camera, then it is a bit more acceptable.

As you will most likely be using a slower shutter speed, it will capture the movement of the camera too – therefore it is important to keep your camera steady to get as little movement as possible and keep the camera still.

Shutter speed

As mentioned before, decreasing your shutter speed is key to capturing fireworks.

Most camera phones will not have a built in option to alter the shutter speed of your camera, however you can find applications that do this for you.

Most standard cameras however will allow you to decrease the shutter speed.

This way, you can press down your shutter just as the firework explodes, until it finishes (this is usually a few seconds), so that you can capture the full firework.

Most good quality digital cameras have a ‘bulb’ setting, whereby the shutter is open from the moment you depress the shutter button, to the moment to release it.

This allows you to capture the full light trail of the firework.

Take your pictures up wind of the fireworks

Make sure it goes Camera > Firework > Smoke otherwise you will find that your pictures will come out really hazy and the focus of the camera will be on the smoke, rather than on the fireworks itself.

So make sure the wind is blowing from you towards the fireworks and not the other way around.



The Best Free Photography Applications For Your iPhone

The Best Free Photography Applications For Your iPhone

With more iPhone sold per day that there are babies being born, it may not come to a big surprise to you that more and more people are using the camera on the iPhone to capture every day moments and special occasions rather than using a proper digital camera. (more…)